Many companies already introduced some sort of Cloud computing into their IT landscapes. Some just benefit from sheer infrastructural scale, some just from the standardization of Software as a Service solutions.

But the full value of cloud comes from an holistic approach to digital transformation. The usage of cloud will be an enormous multiplier enabling business growth and innovation in today’s rapidly evolving digital economy.


From a holistic perspective the “ability to integrate” is of utmost importance.


We glue together high standardization, communication models based on open API sets and secure identity & access management solutions.

All in a highly automated and agile IT change and operating model.


This is where our two companies, COERA and QforIT,  joined forces!


Each of us with its own experience and expertise from cloud communication solutions to identity and access management with one key similarity – it’s all about the CLOUD!


Theo Punter, Peter Dau

Glue – turn on innovation


Intelligently integrating Processes, People, Things and Data for future-proof Enterprises.


Securely integrating Identity Access Management throughout the Intelligent Enterprise.


Securely integrating Identity Access Management throughout the Intelligent Enterprise.


Creating (low)code, effective Enterprise applications, maximizing user efficiency.

What we Glue

We glue together all aspects of Cloud landscapes using our Solution Extension Model and our in-depth knowledge of cloud integration technologies.


We extend digital core suites with smart, high-value solutions using (low)code application engineering.

How we Glue

Every integration challenge starts with a joint onsite design sprint; clarifying goals, milestones and architectural blueprinting. Based on our approach and best practices we can then smoothly iterate between further requirements gathering and development sprints in our studios.


Depending on the size and complexity of the challenge, we can scale our resources. Our studio team takes care of the challenge and solves the puzzle, delivering on promise. The onsite lead works together with the customer to test and implement the solution.

Do you want to turn on innovation?